Welcome to Kajakkspesialisten!

Kajakkspesialisten (the kayak specialist), is a company founded in 1996 by Anders Thygesen, who still runs it. Kajakkspesialisten deals with most things related to traditional kayaks, and is most well known for its work in building skin-on-frame kayaks and inuit style paddles. We needed a more phone and tablet friendly website, and have now included all relevant information in our new webshop/website. We stopped updating this site in 2021, but left it out in cyberspace for sentimental reasons :) Please visit our new site here: Go to new website

Watch my brand new kayak build video here:

A Thousand hands ago from anders thygesen on Vimeo.

Older, but still great Greenland paddle video:

This web site has lots of information about my old and recent activities and projects. There are articles and video about sea kayak trips and practical issues. You can sign up on a kayak building class, and purchase beautiful hancrafted paddles and other paddle equipment in my web shop. Welcome! If you feel something is still missing, please take contact and let me know.

You can read about my trip along the whole Norwegian coast in the summer of 2011 on my blog, and see what's going on at this very moment in my workshop (button on left).

September 2014 we had a visit from Jeff Allen, UK. Jeff is a well known expedition paddler, and he joined a kayak building class. His kayak became his "best all round kayak ever" and he did some amazing trips with it in Northern Norway. Together with Canon, he produced this beautiful film from the project:

Canon Focus | The Adventurer | Feature from Gather.ly on Vimeo.

Courses 2019!

The course calendar has been updated. Check out this year's kayak building classes:here

Kayak building in the USA

From Autumn 2017, Delmarwa USA: Here:

Baidarka paddling

A video clip from summer of 2011's great baidarka adventure:here

Baidarka building

A video from a kayak building class in Vestfossen, Norway:here

New pages!

New, and well illustrated presentation of our beautiful new paddle types! More.

Traditional kayaking article

Jeff Allens article from Ocean Paddler:Les her: